A Wide-Range-Gain Switched-Coupled-Inductor Buck-Boost ZETA Converter


Department of Electrical Engineering, Kerman Branch, Islamic Azad University, Kerman, Iran


In the present work, an improved buck-boost converter with the possibility of flexible design is introduced to gain required voltage and easily adapt to any wide-range-gain application. Switched-coupled-inductors are employed as the key in this converter to achieve the wide-range-gain buck-boost operation through adjusting their turn ratio. The set of coupled-inductors are integrated with the conventional ZETA converter to be used in place of buck-boost cell of its original circuit, which relies on ZETA converter. This converter increased the voltage gain degree of freedom to design a wide-range gain operation for any required application. In comparison with the conventional competitors, the proposed converter is required to use smaller passive components with lower voltage and current ratings for its semiconductors. All these features and claims are investigated theoretically and then, are evaluated experimentally by implementing a test rig with the rated power of 200W


Main Subjects