Joint Coordination of Wind Farms and Pumped Storage Plants in Generation Scheduling Using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization with Bacteria Foraging Concept

Document Type: Original Research Paper


Department of Electrical Engineering, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Increasing penetration of renewable energy resources, especially wind power in power system operation, has some technical and economic effects because of the variable and uncertain nature of these resources. Therefore, it is very important for system operators to consider these behaviors necessary to solve the problem in this regard, especially generation scheduling problem. One of the most important strategies to increase the benefit of power system operation is to manage and control of wind power generation using pumped storage plants. A pumped storage plant can be used to provide added value to a wind farm to manage power output uncertainties. This paper presents a new approach for solving the weekly generation scheduling including wind farms and pumped storage plants. The hybrid PSO mechanism is suggested to solve this scheduling problem based on implementation of bacterial foraging concepts. The proposed PSO is applied to two test systems (which are included two wind farms and one pumped storage plant) and the results of this modified PSO are compared with the conventional PSO. Evaluation of the results of these test systems’ solutions show that better optimal schedules are obtained.


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