Sliding Mode Controller Design for DC-DC Quasi-Z-Source Converter


1 department of electrical engineering, islamic azad university, khomeinishahr branch

2 department of electrical engineering,Islamic azad university, khomeinishahr branch


The main purpose of this research is designing the sliding mode controller for a Quasi-Z-source converter. For this purpose, we first introduce a Quasi-Z-source converter. These converters, similar to the source Z (ZSC) exchangers, are composed of connecting an impedance network to a voltage and a current source. The advantages of comparing the Quasi-Z-source converter with Z source converters are: installing input flow (in the source type voltage), reducing nominal values for I, V circuit (inductance and capacitor), and generating high voltage gain. These advantages have led to use these converters in photovoltaic applications, wind turbines and hybrid electric vehicles. The Quasi-Z-source converter is extracted from the transducer's moderate model and accordingly, the slider mode controller is designed. Finally, the results resembled the accuracy of the controller function for the converter is shown for two different duty cycles.


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