New Fault-Tolerant Majority Gate for Quantum Dots Cellular Automata


Department of Computer Engineering, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


In the high voltage (HV) electrical power systems, different materials are used as the role of insulation to protect the incipient failure inside the HV power equipments. One of the common phenomenas in insulations is Partial Discharge (PD). Because of the high voltage stress, the weak section inside the insulator causes the partial discharge (PD), which is known as a local electrical breakdown. The maximum amplitude of PD could accelerate the destruction process of insulation material. Also, during practical applications in the power systems, voltages with different levels are used or created suddenly. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the effect of voltage characteristics on the PD. In this paper, the effect of DC, AC and impulse voltage on the maximum amplitude of PD are studied within the MATLAB Simulink platform. Finally, to show the effect of each voltage level on the PD, results are compared with each other in the single and multi cavity situations. The test materials for this research are epoxy resin and oil-impregnated paper. Also, this paper provides a comparison between two different insulation materials.