Keywords = Wind turbine
Number of Articles: 4
2. A New Method for Direct Power Control of DFIG-based Wind Turbines under Voltage Disturbances

Volume 2, Issue 4, Autumn 2018, Pages 37-48

Javad Olamaei; Mohammad Mirzaeian

3. Designing and Optimization of Hybrid Solar and Wind Turbine, with Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage, by TLBO Algorithm

Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter 2018, Pages 33-40

Farshid Biria; Mahmoud Modaresi; Hamid Reza Akbari

4. Techniques of Identifying Icing and De-Icing of Wind Turbines

Volume 1, Issue 4, Autumn 2017, Pages 27-35

Reza Barati-Boldaji; Mohammad Komareji